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* Doberman Puppies *

2023 Winter Litter

Star x EPIC

11 Black/Tan Puppies born..

 Ready to go home end of December to the first week of January. 


Canadian Grand Champion Broadway's Queen Of The VegaStar


American/Canadian Champion Protocol's EPIC


A pedigree bred for longevity!

For those unfamiliar with BFL and LC

LC = Longevity Certificate

LC-10L = Dog is 10 years old and still living

LC-10D = Dog lived until 10 and is now deceased

BFL = Bred For Longevity

BFL-1 Both parents have lived until 10 or over.

BLF-2 = Both sets of parents and both grandparents on BOTH sides lived until 10 or over.

Best Epic Star Sept 8.PNG
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