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Calling All Doberman Lovers!

Ruby the female blue doberman that we brought in from a hoarding situation last week is in need of a loving forever family. 

Ruby has been diagnosed with something that is called "Head Tremors" It is extremely common in Dobermans and even more common in the rare colored ones such as the blues. 

Our vet believes that it is something that she was born with as when she was a breeder dog the puppies all had it as well. 

She has an irregular heart beat which is also common in dobermans. 

Other then these two issues and the fact that she came from a bad place she is a WONDERFUL dog, she absolutely loves people and is very affectionate. 

We have had her spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treated and vet checked. 

Her adoption fee will be $150 - She is only 2 years old. 

If everyone can please share Ruby to help her find the forever family she deserves we would greatly appreciate it. 

For anyone that is interested in adopting Ruby please fill out an adoption application located on our website. 


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