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Puppy FAQ

***Click the Doberman Litters or Poodle Litters pages for upcoming specific litter information***

Looking for more puppy pics?  You can find them on my instagram 

Don't know how to determine if someone is an 'ethical' or 'good' breeder?

Then I encourage you to read the two articles I wrote on the subject.  The link in just below.

Would you have someone build your house who didn't know the codes, didn't build to code or was not an expert in their trade?  The same goes for buying a dog.  Buy from an expert in the trade.

How Does It Work?  

  • Some puppies will go to show homes, and the rest of the puppies will go to pet homes.  Pet puppies are of the same quality as show puppies. Show puppies may have a structural trait that I would like to keep in my breeding program. Looking at them, most people would not know the difference.

  • Homes who have filled out an application, have had an interview, and have been vetted will be at the top of the list for available puppies.  

  • Puppies will be matched to the most suitable home for them.  Requests are taken into account, but the puppy will go to the home that suits its needs the most.  You will not be able to choose your own puppy here.

  • No decisions are made as to the availability and placement of puppies until they are 8/9 weeks old and graded for both temperament and conformation. 

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Structure.  
AKC/CKC conformation, agility and obedience.

Puppies suitable for show, pet and performance sport homes.

Litters are always fully health tested.

 Doberman Sire and Dam will be up to date on all health testing.

  1. Cardiac - ECG & Ultra sound  - Current within 1 (one) year

  2. *Eye CERF-current within 1 (one) year

  3. Thyroid Profile, Liver Profile, Kidney Profile – Current within 1 (one) year

  4. vWD (DNA)

  5. Hips OFA certified

  6. Bloodwork Full Profile 

  7. DNA Coat Colour Testing

Poodle Sire and Dam will be up to date on all health testing

1.  DNA testing for vWD, NE(Neonatal Encephalopathy), DM(Degenerative myelopathy), and MTC 

2.  OFA Hips, Elbows, Eyes.  

3.  Cardiac Work Up

4.  Thyroid Profile

5.  Bloodworm Full Profile, Liver and Kidney Profiles.

6.  SA (Sebacious Adenitis) Testing

7. DNA Coat Colour Testing.


All DNA testing done through Vetgen. All of the OFA results are public and can be researched on the OFA website.

Puppies come with: 


Pet Puppies come with CKC Limited Registration (Strict Spay/Neuter Contract) 

Show Puppies are sold on a Co-ownership Contract.

Written Health Guarantee/Sales Contract



Tails Docked 

Dew Claws Removed 

Ears Cropped

Deworming UTD 

Vaccinations UTD

Early Neurological Stimulation 

Voldhart Puppy Evaluation 

Puppy Culture Training 

Poodles will have weekly grooming, face, feet, sanitary shaved and bathed, plus table experience.

Lifetime of Breeder Support 

Puppies are started with early neurological stimulation and raised with Puppy Culture.


Puppies are started on a raw diet, and are vaccinated according to the Dr. Jean Dodd's Vaccination Protocol.

Occasionally I will have or will know of an older dog who will be retired from a breeding program or who was returned to the it's breeder through no fault of it's own.  These dogs make great pets for people who are not looking to housebreak and train a young puppy.

Send me a message if you are interested in a puppy, or download the puppy application and return.

This questionnaire is meant to assist us in defining whether a Doberman or Standard Poodle is the right choice for you and your family. Please realize that by completing this Questionnaire it is in no way a commitment on your part to purchase a puppy, nor on our part to sell you a puppy. It is simply a tool to get to know you better.



 *** Shipping available on a case by case basis ***


How Old Will My Puppy Be?

Puppies should not go home before 8 weeks old.  Most puppies go to their new homes between 8 and 11 weeks.

Can I Choose My Puppy?

Puppies will be evaluated on conformation and temperament and then matched to their best suited homes.  Requested colour and sex will be taken into consideration.  Beware of any breeder who let's you come into their home and take whatever you choose.  Good breeders know their lines, the sire and especially the dam, and have spent hours watching the puppies and will know them best.

Will My Puppy Have Cropped Ears?

Yes, all puppies will be sold with cropped ears and docked tails.  Support and education on posting and maintaining ears will be freely given!

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