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Consider Fostering or Adopting A Rescue

I have fostered for many all breed rescues for many years.  So I know first hand the rewarding experience fostering and rescue bring.  If a puppy is not the right timing or fit for you.  Consider fostering or adopting a rescue.  They'll love you forever for it!


Frequently Asked Questions About Doberman Rescue



What is Doberman Rescue?

A group of Doberman fanciers who, work with many parent groups of Doberman Rescue who try to find homes for Dobermans in trouble. Sometimes the Dobermans we help are strays, or rescued from local pounds, shelters or puppy mills. Many of the Dobermans are surrendered by people who for one reason or another find themselves no longer able to keep their Doberman in their own care. We offer help with these placements as well as providing temporary foster homes. 

What is wrong with rescue Dobermans? What do you know about their backgrounds? Why do people give them up if they're so great?

There is nothing "wrong" with rescue Dobermans. We do not place Dobermans with a history of biting or with known debilitating health problems. If a Doberman has been rescued from a shelter, we try to find out from the shelter why his owners gave him up. We generally meet the Doberman we rescue from a shelter, or a stray, and evaluate the dog's temperament. We have a vet give him an examination to determine his state of health. Most people give up their Doberman simply because they do not have the desire or the time to train the dog. Relinquishing owners supply us with extensive information about the dog's health and temperament.

Does a "rescue" Doberman need special care?

Of course. A rescued Doberman will be making a transition from one home to another, and sometimes even another. He will require patience, attention, and a great deal of LOVE. He will settle into your routine, but will take his time doing so. He will NOT require more special attention than a young puppy!

Will an adult Doberman bond to me as well a puppy would?

YES! An adult dog usually is very aware that he has been "chosen" and is grateful for his loving new home. He is likely to follow his human "parent" devotedly, and will show great affection for his new family members. He might carry along with him a few habits from his original home (like sleeping on the sofa!), but with love, patience, and kindness, these can be changed....if you really must.

Why are Doberman Rescue dogs required to be spayed or neutered?

Most Doberman Rescue parent clubs, requires all dogs placed through them to be spayed or neutered because there is a surplus of all dogs, purebred as well a mixed-breed. Dobermans are an especially popular breed, resulting in many homeless Dobermans. Too many purebred dogs, as well as mixed-breed, are put to death every year simply because there are no homes for them. Many purebred dogs give birth to or sire mixed-breed dogs. By spaying (female dogs) and neutering (male dogs) we keep the surplus population of pets down. Too many people believe that just because a dog is purebred that it should be bred. We emphatically disagree!!

What is foster care?

Foster care is temporary nurturing in a household environment. We do not wish to kennel a Doberman in transition. Whenever possible, when a Doberman is homeless, we try to find a temporary loving home where the Doberman can be cared for, evaluated, and trained while waiting for a permanent placement. We frequently are without foster homes, and must ask relinquishing families to be patient while we help find a permanent home for the Doberman. Lack of foster care is a hardship when we must take a Doberman from a shelter.

Who is eligible to be a foster family?

Foster care is ideal for those who have had experience with Dobermans, but perhaps do not wish to commit to a permanent placement. Or, perhaps, a foster family already has a dog, but has the facilities to care for more than one dog for a time. This can be a very rewarding experience. Ask us about it!

Why does Doberman Rescue screen potential adopters so carefully?

We love the Doberman breed! We find it hard to have "just one". But, we know that the Doberman is not the perfect breed for everyone. Because these Dobermans are being turned out of their original homes--for whatever reason--we want their Doberman Rescue placement to be a permanent home. To accomplish this, adopting families should think carefully about the future; that's why we ask so many questions.

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