Spring 2018 Litter

Vega will be bred late February - early March 2018. This will be an all black litter, VWD clear by parentage.

Canadian/American Champion ConnQuest Lay Your Hands On Me ‘Vega’


Canadian/American Champion Protocol’s Now You See Me CA DN ‘Magic’

This is a video of the dog the I am breeding Vega to.


Parents will have all up to date health testing including

  1. Cardiac - ECG & Ultra sound - Current within 1 (one) year

  2. *Eye CERF-current within 1 (one) year

  3. Thyroid Profile – Current within 1 (one) year

  4. VWD (DNA)

  5. Hips OFA certified

  6. Blood work Full Profile

If you are interested, I can send you an application and we can go from there.



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